Belonging at CSUCI


Rosario Monica Beatriz Kathleen2

Rosario, Monica, Beatriz and Kathleen share perspectives on their motivation — where they found inspiration and connection in their college experiences.


Where did you find college inspiration and connections? (click to play)

Ms. Rosario Cuevas, Operations Support Analyst, Extended University

Ms. Monica Rivas, Assistant Director of Advising, Special Populations Coordinator

Ms. Beatriz Ruettgers, Grants Analyst, Research and Sponsored Programs

Dr. Kathleen Klompien, Lecturer, Math and Writing Center









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Did you know…


  • Students who take part in events, study sessions, discussion groups, forums, mentoring, major clubs, tutoring, learning communities, housing educational events, and university life tend to be more successful.


  • Interaction with peers of different backgrounds positively affect critical thinking, student success, and satisfaction with college experience


  • Students who establish a relationship with a faculty member, academic advisor or staff member tend to be more committed to and more likely to succeed in school. This is especially true for commuter students.


  • A high GPA is associated with:
    • time spent preparing for class
    • coming to class prepared
    • asking questions in class
    • tutoring other students
    • prompt feedback from faculty
    • high quality relationships with faculty


For more strategies to get involved and develop a sense of belonging, see Strategies-for-Success-at-CI